Data Loader in Salesforce

By | December 16, 2019

Its a salesforce tool. we can install in our local system for doing data Migration.

Data Loader

  • We can insert 5 million records per Transaction.
  • We can insert Duplicate Records.
  • We can perform operations in any custom and standard objects.
  • By using Data loader, we can perform Insert, update and delete the record.

Navigation :

Install Data loader into our local System
Setup || Administer Setup ||Data management || Data Loader

Data Loader Actions:

  • Insert – Create New Record
  • Update – Doing Modifications on Existing records. All Updations are happen through Object Record ID .
  • Upsert – Combination of Insert and Update .
  • Delete – Delete the Existing records .All record deletion happen through Object Record ID. If you delete any record, it will be temporarily deleted( Recycle Bin).
  • Hard Delete : Permently delete ( Record Not store into recycle bin).
  • Export – Export Object data from salesforce to local System
  • Export All – ( Salesforce Object + Recycle Bin data also ).


we can loging into data loader using salesforce Credentials: User Name: Password: password + Security Token

Security Token:

When we accessing the salesforce from any third party application , after password we must enters the security token.

How to generate Security Token:
My Settings || Personal || Reset My Security Token


  • The Main advantage of Data loader is for each transaction, it gives two log file, they are success file and Error file .
  • By using these files we can easily identify which records successes and which records are failed, for that we have select directory.

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