Formula Field in Salesforce

By | December 6, 2019

Formula Field is a custom field generated by system of data type Formula.

It is a Read only field.

This field will display only in Detail page. It cannot display in Edit page.

We can create formula fields on Standard & Custom Objects.

We can use parent fields in the formula formation.

Formula values are case sensitive.

Formula Return values are 8 types..

  1. Checkbox
  2. Currency
  3. Date
  4. Date/Time
  5. Number
  6. Percent
  7. Text
  8. Time

Formulas are of 2 types..

  1. Simple formulas (It will use just operators like +,-,*, etc…)
  2. Advanced formulas (It will use Operators & functions)

Some basic function examples are

If( ), CASE( ), AND( ), OR( ), DAY( ), MONTH( ), TODAY( ), YEAR( ), ISPICKVAL( ), ISNULL( ), MAX( ), MIN( ), CONTAINS( ), TRIM( ) etc…….

TRIM( ) –> It eliminates spacebar in the middle only, one char allows. Syntax:trim(text).

For Navigation

Setup –> Build –> Create –> Objects –>select Object –> Click New( Custom Fields & Relationships) –> select Formula

Formula Editor and its Features

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