Create Session Id in Salesforce Using Anonymous window

By | August 9, 2020

Here we are going to learn how to create session id in salesforce.

>> Go to Developer console

>> Open Anonymous window

>>Write below code


>> Then click on “execute” button. then Open Log. Click on Debug Only Checkbox. Double click on first line Copy the URL like below screen shot.


>> Then click on “execute” button

>> We will get debug log. Click on Debug Only Checkbox and Double click on first line, copy the id like below image

>> Copy Id Paste on below code on notepad.!AQkAQLOJnwVasFxxg9Yqqe2JWnMuSWcnoTc5U64WOWW7JtEABIboVgfVnawr9mZTee1.imSC1WLCd0biqV7oJV_yHmuF2JLC

>> Replace domainname to your salesforce domain name.And Replace Id to your debug log id.

>> URL paste to other Browsers then directly open Org. And It will be not shown in Login history.

Note: session id will be expired within 24 hours.

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