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SOQL in salesforce

What is SOQL? SOQL means Salesforce Object Query Language. It is used to query the data (or) retrieve the data. We can also retrieve corresponding parent/child records. It will return the result in the form of List<sobject> / map<id, sobject>. SOQL can return 50,000 records at max. QUERY :- Query is a statement written to… Read More »

Cron Trigger in Salesforce

Any job that is scheduled in the salesforce will be registered or CronTrigger object (which is available from version 17 and later). If you want to know the status of the job, we can write a SOQL on CronTrigger object using jobid generated by system.schedule( ) method invocation. Syntax: cronTrigger cron = [select id,cronExpression from… Read More »

Batch Apex in Salesforce

What is Batch Apex? Batch Apex If we want to process large number of records on daily basis or nightly basis, or specific time of interval then there is a possibility of encountering governing limits. To resolve the governing limits issue, we will run the operation as asynchronous operation using batch apex. Batch apex will… Read More »

Work Flows

What is Workflow? It is an automation process that fired an action based on Evaluation criteria & rule criteria. Workflow rules provide benefits such as improving the quality and consistency of data, increasing data integrity, improving efficiency and productivity, lowering costs and reducing risks. Evaluation Criteria: workflows having 3 types of Evaluation Criteria’s: Record is… Read More »

Data Loader in Salesforce

Its a salesforce tool. we can install in our local system for doing data Migration. Data Loader We can insert 5 million records per Transaction. We can insert Duplicate Records. We can perform operations in any custom and standard objects. By using Data loader, we can perform Insert, update and delete the record. Navigation :… Read More »


Data is accessing from one object to another object . Salesforce provides 6 different types of relationship : Lookup Relationship Master-Detail Relationship External Lookup Relationship Self Relationship Many to Many Relationship Hierarchical Relationship Lookup Relationship : we can create max 40 lookup relations(including 2 master details)per object This relation is supporting standard and custom objects… Read More »

Governor Limits in Salesforce

Hi, here we have shown governor limits in salesforce. Governor Limits Total number of SOQL queries issued synchronous limit is 100 and Asynchronous Limit 200. Total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries is 50,000. Total number of records retrieved by Database.getQueryLocator is 10,000. Total number of SOSL queries issued is 20. Total number of… Read More »

Validation Rules in salesforce

Hi, here we are going to learn validation rules in salesforce. What is Validation Rule? Validation rules helps to improve data quality by preventing users from saving incorrect data. Validation rules are executed at record save time. Validation rules can contain a formula or expression that evaluates the data in one or more fields and… Read More »