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Aggregate Functions in Salesforce Visualforce page

Use aggregate functions in a GROUP BY clause in SOQL queries to generate reports for analysis. Aggregate functions include AVG(), COUNT(), MIN(), MAX(), SUM(), and more. You can also use aggregate functions without using a GROUP BY clause. For example, you could use the AVG() aggregate function to find the average Amount for all your opportunities. Example SELECT AVG(Amount)FROM Opportunity GROUP BY clause is used in SOQL query to… Read More »

Future Method in Salesforce

FUTURE METHOD If a transaction has any long running operation/statements and if this operations is not having any dependency on rest of the operation then we can run the operation independent from the rest of the operation by using future method. Long running operation are called Bulk DML operations,webservice callouts. Rules to define future methods… Read More »

Map in Salesforce

Map It is key value pair. Key must be primitive data type and value may be primitive data types/Reference data type. Primitive data type are integer,decimal,string,id,Boolean,data… Only one key value is allowed to be null. Syntax Map<key,value> variablename = new map<key,value>(); Data is storing according to keys dictionary order. keys are case sensitive Methods Put(key,value);… Read More »

Set in Salesforce

Set It doesn’t allow duplicates. It maintains dictionary order. Set maintains hash code mechanism. It allows only one null value. Syntax set<Datatype> variable name = new set<Datatype>(); Methods Add(Element); addAll(list/set s); contains(Element); containsAll(set/list s); size(); clear(); remove(Element); Share this…WhatsappFacebookEmail

Digital Signature(Docu Sign) added to the Object Records in Attachments using Visualforce Page

In this post we have implemented digital signature to the object. Digital signature will be save in jpeg format to attachments. ApexClass: VisualForcePage 1 : ContractPage Output 1: VisualForcePage 2 :ContractSignaturePage Output 2: VisualForcePage 3 :ContractDetailPage Output 3: Share this…WhatsappFacebookEmail