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Data is accessing from one object to another object .

Salesforce provides 6 different types of relationship :

  1. Lookup Relationship
  2. Master-Detail Relationship
  3. External Lookup Relationship
  4. Self Relationship
  5. Many to Many Relationship
  6. Hierarchical Relationship

Lookup Relationship :

  • we can create max 40 lookup relations(including 2 master details)per object
  • This relation is supporting standard and custom objects
  • We can create lookup for empty object(without records and also with records)
  • In lookup relation parent and child contains it’s own owner
  • It cannot support inheritance in OWD and sharing rules
  • It cannot support rollup summary
  • In lookup parent record is deleted, child field value is deleting. But not record
  • In lookup relation parent field value optional

Master-Detail Relationship :

  • We can create max 2 master details relationship per objects
  • Master details is supporting only custom object
  • We can create master detail relationship only in the empty object, because parent field value is mandatory
  • Note: if any object contain any record first create lookup relation then fill all parent field value and change relationship type lookup to master detail
  • Parent and child is controlled by parent it means parent object only contains ownership on child records
  • It support inheritance in OWD and sharing rules
  • It support rollup summary
  • In master detail parent record is deleted, Associated child record also deleted because parent field value is mandatory
  • Note: This rule is applicable up to 200 Childs. If any parent is associated with 200 or more then we cannot delete parent record
  • In lookup relation parent field value mandatory

External Lookup Relationship:

Maintain the relationship from salesforce object to External Data base ( Sql-Server / Oracle).

Self Relationship:

An Object is related to same Object .

Supplier –> Supplier

Object —— Lookup/ Master-Detail ———Object

Many to Many Relationship:

you cannot create Many to Many relationship directly on object .
you can create it by using “Junction Object “.

Junction Object:

Any object having two Master-Detail relationship, for that object we called as Junction object.

Hierarchical Relationship:

Accessing / viewing of data top-level management to Low-level mangement. Ex: Role

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