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VisualForce Pages :

  1. Inserting records into Custom Object Using Controller in Visualforce Page
  2. Display AccountContactRole Object details in Visualforce Page
  3. Display Records click open detail page using ActionSupport in Visualforce Page
  4. Display detail page using commandLink in visualforce page
  5. Display related contacts of an Account using visualforce page
  6. How to Delete Records of an sObject using PageBlockTable in Visualforce page
  7. Inserting records into custom object using Visualforce page
  8. Display Objects Data in Tabs using Tabpanel in Visualforce page in Salesforce
  9. Import data using CSV file in visualforce page in salesforce
  10. Fetching records by using picklist field dependency in Visualforce Page in Salesforce
  11. Create a map with account name as key and account as value in salesforce
  12. Print the details of page in pdf using Visualforce page in Salesforce
  13. Multiple records insert using Dynamic Rows Add & Remove functionality in Visualforce page in salesforce
  14. Account related Contacts shown in alert message using Visualforce page in salesforce
  15. One Pageblocksection to another rendered using ActionFunction in Visualforce page in Salesforce
  16. Using Actionstatus LoadPage in visualforce page
  17. Fetch all the records from Object And Hard Delete the records using Batch Apex
  18. All Contact Names update using Batch Apex in salesforce
  19. Display Account Related Contacts & Opportunities using Checkbox in Visualforce page
  20. Auto populate related lookup fields when one lookup field is selected in visualforce page
  21. Display Installed packages version number and Publisher details in Visualforce page salesforce
  22. Get All Objects and their fields into picklist using Schema Programming Salesforce Visualforce page
  23. Create Session Id in Salesforce Using Anonymous window
  24. Account Detail Page Button Click Create New Related Contact in Visualforce page
  25. Digital Signature(Docu Sign) added to the Object Records in Attachments using Visualforce Page
  26. Aggregate Functions in Salesforce Visualforce page

Lightning Components

  1. Account Related Contacts in Custom Lookup Lightning Component
  2. Input text Restrict(Number, Alphabets, Special Characters) Keyboard typing in Lightning Component
  3. Add Account Related Contacts in Account Detail Page in Lightning Component
  4. Based on Validations(Email, Phone, Empty Field) Insert Account Contact Records in Lightning component
  5. Custom Table Pagination with Checkbox Field update in Lightning Component
  6. Import & Export data from CSV file using Lightning Component
  7. Account Lookup value select Show Related Contacts and Opportunities in Lightning component
  8. When User Clicked On Image, It shows Information About The Image
  9. Current Address and Permanent Address same using Checkbox to Fill data automatically in Lightning Component
  10. Dynamic Add or Remove Rows using Lightning Component
  11. One component Picklist list value display in another component using Events in Lightning
  12. How to connect with Database using Param in Lightning Component
  13. How to display MultiSelect (DualListBox) Picklist in Lightning Component
  14. How to get alert when a Picklist value is selected in Lightning Component
  15. Lightning Card Using in Lightning Component
  16. How to Apply and Remove Styles with button using toggle in Lightning Component
  17. How to get Button Label as message in Lightning Component
  18. Retrieve Dynamic picklist values in Lightning Component
  19. Open Modal Popup on button click using Lightning Component
  20. Pagination with Page Number in Lightning Component
  21. Insert data using Accordion in Lightning Component
  22. Display Related contacts when click on Account record using Lightning component
  23. Display Records in View and Edit mode using Lightning Component
  24. Display List Of Records as Picklist Values Based on RecordTypes using Lightning Component
  25. Insert Account with related Contact and Opportunity in Lightning Component
  26. Pagination with Lightning DataTable in Lightning Component
  27. Display List of Account Records Using Iteration in Lightning Component
  28. Basic Calculator program with dynamic values using Lightning Component
  29. Basic Calculator program with static variables in Lightning Component
  30. Use of Aura Handler in Lightning Component
  31. Use of Aura Attributes in Lightning Component
  32. Simple Hello World Program in Lightning Component
  33. Display List of Records Using DataTable in Lightning Component
  34. Create new record using Lightning Component

Apex Triggers

  1. Trigger Best Practices in Salesforce
  2. Basic Test Class for Trigger
  3. Trigger for create record in another object without relationship
  4. Write a trigger for AccountTeamMember with Test class in salesforce
  5. Trigger with Test class for When Account is created with AnnualRevenue more than 50 Lacs and Industry is Energy then create a new opportunity
  6. Write a Trigger with Test class for When new lead is created calculate leadscore
  7. Trigger for When new Account is inserted with Industry as ‘Banking ‘ then set phone
  8. Trigger for When Account is Created automatically Contact should be Created
  9. Trigger for Lead Email and Contact Email is Same Convert Lead to Existing Contact in Salesforce


  1. JSON End Point URL Data Insert To Object(Contact) in Salesforce