Map in Salesforce

By | March 3, 2020


  1. It is key value pair.
  2. Key must be primitive data type and value may be primitive data types/Reference data type.
  3. Primitive data type are integer,decimal,string,id,Boolean,data…
  4. Only one key value is allowed to be null.


Map<key,value> variablename = new map<key,value>();

  • Data is storing according to keys dictionary order.
  • keys are case sensitive


  1. Put(key,value);
  2. Set<key> keyset(); used to read all keys.
  3. Remove(key);
  4. Size();


Map<string,integer> m = new map<string,integer>();

m.put(‘salesforce’, 200);

 m.put(‘codes’ 300);

system.debug(‘map values’ +m);

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