Reports & Dashboards in Salesforce

By | December 13, 2019

Hi, here we are going to learn about Reports & Dashboards in salesforce

What is Report in salesforce?

A Report is an analysis of Data. Based on Org requirement, we will generate the reports.

Order of Report Creation

  • Report Type
  • Report
  • Dashboard

Report Type

  • This will specify on which object we are creating a Report.
  • This will show the list of all fields on the object, we are creating a Report.

Report Types are 2 Types

  1. Standard Report Type
  2. Custom Report Type

Standard Report Type

  • This Report types are created by salesforce for standard object.
  • For custom objects also we can create, but we need to enable “Allow Reports” option in the object.

Custom Report Type

These report types are created according to the org business requirements.

Report Formats

There are 4 types of Reports available in salesforce, they are…

  1. Tabular
  2. Summary
  3. Matrix
  4. Joined


  • It will simply display n-records as row level.
  • We cannot create charts.


  • It will generate n-number of records as a row level.
  • We can group the data upto 3-levels.
  • We can summarize the sub totals & grand totals.
  • It will allow charts.

Matrix Report

  • It is used to summarize rows & columns level.
  • We can take sub totals & grand totals.
  • It will allow charts.

Joined Report

  • If we want to join more than one report then we go for joins.
  • Using joins we can join up to 5 reports.

Actions in Reports

  • Run the Report.
  • Export the report(Export the data, printable view).
  • Schedule the Reports for future runs.


It is a graphical representation of data generated by report.

Dashboards are of 11 types..

  1. horizontal bar chart
  2. vertical bar chart
  3. line chart
  4. pie chart
  5. donut
  6. gauge
  7. metric
  8. table
  9. funnel
  10. scatter
  11. visualforce page

Navigations & creation of reports will be updated soon…

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