Rollup Summary in Salesforce

By | December 13, 2019

Hi, here we are going to learn about about Rollup summary in salesforce.

It is Read only field. It can display only in the Detail page.

We can create Rollup summary only on Master-Detail Relationship & on the Master(Parent) object.

This is getting child information on the Parent.

We can create maximum 25 Rollup summary fields with or without conditions.

It will support 4 functions, they are…

  1. Count
  2. Min
  3. Max
  4. Sum

The supportive formats for this operations is…

Count : Number of records (with or without condition).

Min : Currency, Number, Percent, Date, Date/Time…

Max : Currency, Number, Percent, Date, Date/Time…

Sum : Currency, Number, Percent..

Navigations and creation of field will be updated soon………..

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