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Digital Signature(Docu Sign) added to the Object Records in Attachments using Visualforce Page

In this post we have implemented digital signature to the object. Digital signature will be save in jpeg format to attachments. ApexClass: VisualForcePage 1 : ContractPage Output 1: VisualForcePage 2 :ContractSignaturePage Output 2: VisualForcePage 3 :ContractDetailPage Output 3: Share this…WhatsappFacebookEmail

Display detail page using actionSupport in Visualforce Page

Hi, In this scenario we have shown how to display detail page of the record when we click on Name field in output. Here we describes the usage of apex:actionSupport and apex:param. Here param is used to pass individual record ids within the vf page to display detail page of the record. Visualforce Page Output… Read More »